The DIY project every Vikings fan needs to make right now

With Victory Blocks, you can knock on wood at a moment's notice.

There's only one way to explain how Stefon Diggs pulled off the Minneapolis Miracle. 

Forget Diggs' amazing catch and poised, athletic prowess – the Vikings only won because the fans didn't jinx it.

Rest assured that even after that bonkers 61-yard, game-winning touchdown, some Vikings fans stood in their U.S. Bank Stadium seats with solemn expressions, crossing their fingers tight and waiting to celebrate until the TD was confirmed. Because if they had immediately jumped up and down and screamed, it would've been overturned. 

Just like if this guy hadn't changed his pants, the play wouldn't have happened in the first place.

The fact that we are now one game away from becoming the first-ever team to play in a home Super Bowl? Shut your mouth. Vikings fans refuse to indulge such a fantasy.

Obviously we're joking. Kind of. But you're not a true Vikings fan unless you carry some doubt and superstition. And a Minneapolis branding and design agency is tapping into that. 

Introducing: Victory Blocks – the wearable good luck charm that allows Vikings fans to knock on wood at a moment's notice.

If you're thinking "That just looks like a piece of rope threaded through two wooden blocks" – you're correct. That's the point. 

The Victory Blocks website sums it up perfectly:

After decades of heartbreak, missed field goals and fourth down mistakes, we’re feeling it.

We’re dreaming our crazy dreams.

It’s our time. But, good God, let’s not jinx it.

So when you need to say it loud, when you want to believe the unbelievable...just knock on wood.

Knock loud. Knock proud. And believe.

Because this is our year. (Knock on wood.) 

The invention comes from some innovative employees at Little & Company, who were talking about Vikings fans' superstitious ways at lunch last week. Within a day, Victory Blocks were created.

By last Friday, Paul Allen of KFAN and Ben Leber were spotted wearing Victory Blocks. Then they were picked up by fan sites, and by Wednesday, the Vikings cheerleading staff had requested 51 pairs for the cheer team and mascots to wear at events this weekend.

It's a genius idea, but Little & Company isn't looking to make a buck.

"Just a fun DIY project for any Vikings fan," the agency says.

Get home and make your own stat! Don't forget to upload a photo to social media with hashtag #victoryblocks.

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