The funniest tweets from when HBO Now crashed during 'Game of Thrones'


Sunday's "Game of Thrones" was eventful, to say the least (no spoilers her, don't worry). But some diehards trying to watch the "Battle of the Bastards" streaming via HBO Now got hit with an outage midway through the episode.

It wasn't out for too long. @HBONowHelp on Twitter said at 8:43 p.m. they were aware of issues, and at 9:13 p.m. said streaming was running normally on all devices again. (They've also spent a lot of the morning tweeting back apologies to people.)

But if you were counting on seeing the show live? Well, it was kind of annoying. So here are some of the funniest tweets from the brief outage.

This actually happened to HBO GO back during the "True Detective" season two finale as well.

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