The historic Grain Belt beer sign shines on the Mississippi again

People braved negative temps to welcome back the lighted sign.

Look who's back. 

After more than 20 years of darkness, the Grain Belt beer sign is shining bright once again. 

Saturday evening, people gathered along the Mississippi Riverbank in the freezing cold to welcome back the lighted sign. 

Keep in mind Saturday was super cold – the National Weather Service says it had a high of negative six degrees (brr). That almost set a record. 

But the cold sure didn't drain people's enthusiasm. Just watch how excited they were when the lights when on.

The sign has been dark since 1975, except for a few times it was briefly re-lit for special occasions, the Star Tribune explains.

According to Growler Magazine, the last time it was lit – even for a short period of time – was 1996. So it's been a solid 21 years. 

August Schell Brewing Company in New Ulm purchased the sign and announced in 2016 it wanted to re-light the iconic sign in 2017. 

The brewing company told FOX 9 the sign will shine for the foreseeable future, which is at least through the Super Bowl.

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