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The Mall of America is getting a store called 'Sweet Jesus' – really

It'll be the Canadian ice cream chain's very first U.S. location.

Yep, that's really its name.

"Sweet Jesus" is a mega-popular Canadian ice cream chain that specializes in outrageous soft-serve cones, and it's opening its first U.S. location at the Mall of America soon.

As the mall says in an email news release, the shop is known forits "extravagantly decorated and boundary pushing culinary soft serve cones," which come in 10 different "cone creations" including "Banging' Brownie," "Rocky Road Rage," and "Krusty the Cone."

Sweet Jesus styles its approach to ice cream as "pimped out soft serve," as if their playful irreverence weren't clear enough already. 

MOA says the shop will be located on the north end of the mall's third level, with an opening set for "later this winter."

No specific dates have been given yet. 

What's up with that name?

Bound to raise some eyebrows, Sweet Jesus takes its name not from any religious influence, but rather the catchphrase of an employee.

Said worker would "declare 'sweet Jesus' all the time," and apparently the "name stuck," the Toronto Star says. 

The company's only been around for a couple of years. According to the Retail Insider, Sweet Jesus first opened in the back of a Toronto Mexican restaurant in 2015.

Since then, it's grown to a whopping 19 stores. Most are in Ontario. 

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