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The most searched-for 'spooky kids movie' in Minnesota is... E.T.?

A telecom company put together a state-by-state list of Halloween favorites.

Yep, you read that right. Minnesota kids apparently love to get scared by Steven Spielberg's classic E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

That's according to a national ranking from Frontier Communications Company, which put out a list called "Your State's Favorite Spooky Kids Movie (That You Can Stream Right Now)" this week.

It shows the most searched-for scary kid flick in each U.S. state. The company says they used Google Trends – a tool that shows internet search data – to make the map.

Minnesota kids certainly aren't alone in loving E.T. during the Halloween season; the beloved 1982 flick is also the favorite in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

That's 12 states – an impressive showing for everyone's favorite alien, but not as impressive asThe Nightmare Before Christmas. It's the "spooky kids movie" of choice in a whopping 19 states. 

"It’s safe to say that from coast to coast, families like The Nightmare Before Christmas the most," Frontier says.

So why does Minnesota love E.T. during Halloween?

It certainly seems like a surprising choice, given the other movies that made the list – including monster-themed hits like The Witches, Corpse Bride, and Hotel Transylvania 2. 

The St. Cloud Times took serious issue with Minnesota's favorite, saying, "sorry, you're all wrong" about the feel-good E.T. 

While "undeniably great," Times writer Alyssa Zaczek says, "'E.T.' is not a spooky kids movie."

That's true, for the most part. IMDb classifies the movie in the "Sci-Fi" and "Family" genres, so it's not immediately what comes to mind when you think of classic Halloween fare.

But in E.T.'s defense, it does have some spooky scenes – remember the part when the astronauts show up? In case you don't remember how traumatizing it is, watch the scene right here:

By the way, you can stream E.T. right now on Netflix.

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