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The mourning over the demise of Uptown Arby's is getting ridiculous

A candlelight vigil is planned, and now a nearby hotel is reaching out to mourners.

It's never fun when a favorite local haunt closes down, especially one that's been around for decades.

But the mourning over the closure of the Arby's in Uptown (the one with the sign) has been dialed up to 11 in recent days.

A few days ago, a Facebook event was created for a candlelight vigil at the site of the old Arby's on West Lake Street.

Planned to start at 8 p.m. on Friday, interest in the event exploded, with more than 750 people saying they're planning to attend and more than 4,000 others interested in going.


– As new hotel opens across the street, Arby's closes in Uptown.

Created by Noah Hevey, it asks people to "pay respects" over the loss of this "47 year old landmark."

"I will be providing some candles, but if you have your own please feel free to bring them," he added, before amusingly adding: "People keep asking if there will be food/drink/music. You all seem to think this is a big organized thing. I'm just 1 guy who shelled out a bunch of money on candles."

Things took a turn for the even more bizarre on Wednesday, when the recently-opened Moxy Hotel across the street from the old Arby's is offering to hold a wake for the eatery.

"It's the end of an era!" the opportunistic hotel said in a press release. "On Friday, hundreds will gather to pay their respects and say goodbye to a beloved Uptown landmark.

"The Arby’s sign has passed on and Moxy Hotel will help ease the pain with a reception this Friday. The first 100 mourners to visit the Moxy Bar during the vigil will receive a free Arby’s roast beef sandwich."

At this rate, we can expect an Arby's tribute single to drop any day now.

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