The Norwegian adventure reality show 'Alt for Norge' is holding an open casting call at Mall of America

3 Minnesotans in a row have won 'Alt for Norge' – could you be next?
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Another Minnesota fall means another chance to score a trip to Norway, where you can climb glaciers, sail the Arctic, and discover your roots.

All on national (Norwegian) television.

The Norwegian reality show Alt for Norge is once again holding a big casting call at Mall of America. What's the show about?

Twelve Americans with historic family ties to Norway get flown out to the Arctic country, competing in different cultural adventures and challenges. The ultimate winner takes home $50,000, and gets to meet long-lost Norwegian relatives.

Here's a clip from the casting company's YouTube page.

What are the requirements?

You have to be a descendant of Norway, even if it's distant, and a U.S. or Canadian citizen, as the casting call explains.

People over 18 only, and you can't apply if you've been to Norway after the age of 14. (Younger than that is fine – it's a looser rule than in past seasons, when no previous travel to Norway was accepted.)

And of course, you'll have to be able to be in Norway for 2-12 weeks for filming.

This upcoming season will be the ninth of Alt for Norge. Up to this point the show has sent 94 Norwegian-Americans to Norway.

How do I apply?

There are two ways.

You can go to one of the three open casting calls happening in the U.S. One is at Mall of America, and it'll take place on Nov. 4 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. It's being held at the mall's Executive Center, in the east wing on level 4. 

You can also go to events in Chicago or Seattle.

Or, you can record and submit a 2-3 minute video introducing yourself and explaining why you should be accepted for the show.

In either case, you have to submit an application beforehand. You can see all the details for how to do that here, at O'Connor Casting's website.

Minnesotans kind of dominate this show

This casting announcement comes every year at about this time (seriously, check our archives), and we keep writing about it.


Well for one, the whole Minnesota-Norway thing. We've got more than 900,000 people here who claim Norwegian roots, making it " the largest group of Norwegian descendants outside of Norway," wrote Eivind Heiberg, Norway’s Consul General in Minneapolis.

And naturally – because the show requires contestants with Norwegian heritage – a lot of Minnesotans have qualified for Alt for Norge.

There are three from Minnesota on this current eighth season, according to Wikipedia's records: Alex Arnott, Brennan Finn and Andrea Bennet Xiong. It's still running, so we don't know the winner – but it looks like there are only a couple episodes left.

The past three seasons have all been won by people who are from or have lived in Minnesota: Johnny Bartz, David Engen and Beth Butala.

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