The Rock surprises Stillwater student over school intercom, rents out a movie theater for her

This is so cool.
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This is amazing.

The Rock, arguably the biggest star in the movie world right now, surprised a Minnesota student with a personal message over the school intercom.

It happened Friday morning at Stillwater Area High School, where the voice of Dwayne Johnson was broadcast into classrooms with a message for Katie Kelzenberg.

Earlier this week, Kelzenberg had posted a video to Twitter asking The Rock to prom, something the WWE superstar saw and responded to, saying he couldn't make it due to filming commitments but asked her to "stay tuned."


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So on Friday morning, The Rock called out Kelzenberg by name, revealing he has rented out a 232-seat movie theater in Oakdale so she and her friends can watch his new movie "Rampage."

Her reaction is priceless, and has been shared by The Rock to his 12 million-plus Twitter followers.

He also sent her a personal message on Instagram, saying he was "so impressed by this young lady's charm and confidence to even ask me."

"Your money's no good, Katie," he continued, saying she and her friends can have as much popcorn, candy and soda as they want.

"Everything is on Uncle DJ."

"Young ladies to high level executive women get very shy in front of me lol,: Johnson later tweeted. "But this high school student stepped out of her comfort zone and hit me with the promposal. Gotta love @katiekelzenberg’s confidence."

Here's the message Katie sent to The Rock asking him to prom.

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