Science Museum lands $14.5 million contract with NASA

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NASA has given the Science Museum of Minnesota a huge contract to help inspire the next generation of science explorers.

The St. Paul museum announced that it landed a $14.5 million contract to lead a collaborative program called the Space and Earth Informal STEM Education (SEISE) project.

The five-year project will transform NASA’s scientific knowledge and on-going research into a series of new learning experiences, the release says.

With help from partners from Arizona State University, Museum of Science in Boston, and the University of California at Berkeley, the museum will create interactive exhibits, hands-on activities, videos, media, and professional development materials for museums and educators across the country.

Alison Rempel Brown, president of the Science Museum of Minnesota said in the release that the Science Museum is a "perfect match" for NASA, adding:

“NASA’s programs are exciting and critical to our nation’s future for space exploration and scientific learning. The Science Museum is a proven leader at making science concepts inspirational and easy-to-understand through programs and activities."

This is not the first time NASA has provided funds to the Science Museum, but it is one of the largest contracts to be awarded.

NASA has funded the museum since 2009 for climate change education programs, and partially paid for the $6 million dollar exhibit on humans in space, the museum said.

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