The Science Museum sold more than 10,000 of Dustin's sweatshirts in a day

Buyers of the sweatshirt worn on 'Stranger Things' broke the Science Museum's webpage.

It's been 150 million years since the brontosaurus walked the earth. For fans of Stranger Things 2 it only seemed like it took that long to get a purple hoodie like Dustin wore on the hit show.

It's actually been less than two weeks since the sweatshirt promoting the Science Museum of Minnesota popped up in the first episode of Stranger Things' second season.

And on the first day of its new life Tuesday, the shirt brought in more than $400,000 for the St. Paul museum. 

Officials said the museum sold 10,000 of the "thunder lizard" hoodies, crew neck sweatshirts, and T-shirts – despite losing about three hours of sales when their website crashed due to the overwhelming demand. 


'Stranger Things' fans crash Minnesota Science Museum website

The Science Museum first sold the hoodie back in the 1980s but it hasn't been in stock since then.

After it showed up on Stranger Things, the museum scrambled to get a new generation of them into the production pipeline – but it took more than a week and lots of knockoff versions showed up during the wait.

Finally, sales of the real thing started online at 8 o'clock Tuesday morning. But it took less than an hour for the heavy demand to crash the site

They were back in business by 11 a.m. but even then there was still some waiting. 

Meanwhile, about 500 of the shirts were selling out in the museum's gift shop. 

But reinforcements are on the way, with a new shipment expected to arrive Wednesday afternoon, the museum says. 

Kim Ramsden, a spokeswoman for the Science Museum, tells GoMN the heavy demand should not affect the five to seven days it will take for online orders to arrive. 

Why are these things so popular?

Yes, the Netflix show is a big hit. Nearly 16 million people streamed the first episode of Stranger Things 2, which puts it up near HBO's Game of Thrones in popularity. 

But why did Minnesotans fall so immediately in love with these Science Museum hoodies that appear onscreen just a few times in that one episode?

Well, we are talking about a show where science-geek kids of the 1980s are the stars.

"Fans of the Stranger Things show are also Science Museum fans," Ramsden told GoMN. "It's great for us in Minnesota to see one of our favorite places featured on this tremendously popular and really well-written show that everybody's excited about." 

Ramsden says the museum has heard from lots of adults who say they wore those brontosaurus sweatshirts years ago and probably see a little bit of themselves in Dustin of Stranger Things.

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