The Stillwater Ice Castles are open for 2018

Hey, at least the super cold weather was good for something.

It's been unbearably cold for what feels like forever. Just look at these windchills – ouch. 

If nothing else, one good thing came from the painfully bitter temps: the Stillwater Ice Castles. 

The popular, icy attraction opened Friday. 

You can buy tickets online or at the Ice Castles – but it's generally better to just do it online. You save a couple bucks and you're guaranteed a time slot. (If you just walk up without tickets, your preferred time slot might be full and you might have to wait around a bit).

Tickets online are $9.95 for Monday-Thursday admission for visitors 12 years and older. It's $15 at the gate. 

Friday-Sunday admission is $13.95 online for adults, or $18 at the gate. 

There are fire shows Fridays and Saturdays from 7-10 p.m. 

The ice castles generally close when the weather warms up and starts melting the ice. The season was cut short the past two years due to unusually warm weather. It ended in mid-February last winter. 

Here's what they looked like last year, when GoMN went to visit:

And you can get an inside look at how the ice castles are made here

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