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The Suburbs launch Kickstarter campaign for new album


The front man for classic Minneapolis rockers The Suburbs is looking to fans to help the band launch its first new album in 27 years.

Suburbs front man Chan Polling started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter Wednesday to help fund the band's new album "Si Sauvage," which is due out Aug. 27.

"Creativity is an unknowable thing. There's no accounting for inspiration when it comes, so it's 27 years later and we made a new Suburbs record," Channing says with a laugh in the Kickstarter pitch video, which he recorded in a trailer truck parked behind the recording studio where the band cut its new album.

Poling says the reason the band had chosen Kickstarter to fund the endeavor was because they wanted to act as their own record company, which he calls "a freeing and wonderful thing."

Elaborating on the reason the band went the Kickstarter route, Poling tells The Current that the goal of the campaign is to offset the cost of making the "because it's just risky these days."

The band is aiming to raise $60,000 by July 26.

"It's just kind of scary putting out your own thing," Poling tells The Current. "In the old days, when you had a record label, you just owed them that money."

Keyboardist-singer Poling and two other founding members of The Suburbs -- drummer Hugo Klaers and guitarist Blaine John "Beej" Chaney -- have written songs for and will play on the record. Founding guitarist Bruce C. Allen died in 2009 and bassist Michael Halliday has retired.

The new album features two new bandmates -- Steve Brantseg and Steve Price -- and special guest vocalists including Janey Winterbauer and Aby Wolf.

Lower-level contributions will get donors a digital download with 10 tracks for $10, or a CD and digital download with two bonus tracks for $25. Contributions of $50 will get donors all of the above, along with a signed vinyl LP and more.

Serious contributors -- those who donate $10,000 -- can even get The Suburbs for their own personal show.

Fans have seen a lot of Poling of late. The Suburbs' 1984 hit "Love is the Law" became an anthem for the same-sex marriage debate, and the band played at a concert in St. Paul last month to celebrate Gov. Mark Dayton's signing of the bill into law.

The band will also appear at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand Aug. 30 among the local artists featured in the "MN Music-on-a-Stick" concert.

See Poling's Kickstarter pitch below.

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