The 'Survivor' contestant from Minnesota didn't last long

Katrina Radke was the first to leave the competition.

It's a case of easy come, easy go for Katrina Radke, who saw her effort to win the $1million Survivor prize fall at the first hurdle.

The 46 year old from Excelsior was the first to be voted off in the 35th season's premiere show on CBS Wednesday night.

Competitors split into three camps: Healers, Heroes and Hustlers, with Radke – as a former Olympic swimmer – a member of the Heroes group.

And in an extremely ageist move, her fellow Heroes members began referring to her and another competitor, Chrissy, as the "Mom squad," with the younger heroes describing them as the "weaker links," according to Mercury News.

When it came to the Tribal Council, Katrina was voted out despite her attempts to plead her case. Her fellow "Mom squad" member, Chrissy, could have saved her with an "immunity idol," but it turns out she voted for Katrina too.

On Twitter, Radke didn't have hard feelings about her elimination.

Others on social media were less happy about the way she was treated.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Survivor host Jeff Probst said she made an "early mistake" by basically being Minnesota Nice.

"She acknowledged that she came out of the gate really fast. I don't know about any of that, but I can see how that could have happened, just by the way she talks, because she's really engaging, and she wants to connect, and maybe she over-connected. She went too far to try to get to know people," he said.

He added: "I think they made the right choice. She wasn't fitting in. She could probably fit in on a different tribe really well, but in this group, her mojo wasn't gelling, and unfortunately, you can't swap."

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