The takeaway from Metallica's U.S. Bank Stadium show? It was LOUD

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Some fans complained about poor sound at Luke Bryan's Friday night show at U.S. Bank Stadium – few are making the same complaint about Metallica on Saturday night.

The metal legends tested the $1 billion stadium's acoustics to the max as they ripped up the stage in front of more than 50,000 fans, and suggested after their only show this summer that it won't be long before they return.

"Thank you for letting us break in your me stadium, Minneapolis! We'll see you again soon [sic]" the band tweeted.

The Star Tribune's reviewer Chris Riemenschneider said the band "dialed it up to 11," saying the gig "could go down as one of the loudest shows of the year," and added that it seems that louder is better for the football stadium's "still-evolving acoustics."

After complaints of long lines at food stands, bathrooms and security on Friday, it looks as though it's still an issue for the stadium to sort out, but Riemenschneider did say it was "slightly improved" Saturday.

The Pioneer Press had similar thoughts on the sheer noise that hit the stadium, saying "so overwhelming was the band's wall of sound, it was tough to do much beyond submit to it."

The band played what the newspaper felt was a greatest hits set with a particular focus on the first decade. "Master of Puppets," "Enter Sandman," and "Seek and Destroy" among the highlights.

But the band had a surprise that delighted fans, playing "Hardwired," the first track from their upcoming 10th album "Hardwired to Self-Destruct," which gets its release in November.

"The song ‘Hardwired’, which we will be playing tonight, the first time we played that all in the same room was this Monday, so this is as fresh off the assembly line as rock n roll gets," drummer Lars Ulrich told FOX 9 before the show.

By the looks of social media, fans were more than happy with the show:

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