The Washington Post is determined to piss off Minnesota

It just can't help but make glib remarks about Minnesotans.

We don't like writing these stories. Honestly. But we can't just let these things go when our state is besmirched by a national newspaper.

Yet again, it's the Washington Post, although this time it is slamming "northerners" rather than Minnesota specifically.

You'd think by now that the newspaper that broke Watergate would have learned that slamming the North doesn't win it any friends, but I guess it needs another reminder.

The piece in question this time refers to D.C. and New York's response to the "bomb cyclone" (cute) of snow hitting the East Coast right now.

"Dear Northerners: We get that this weather is no big deal for you. Now please shut up," is the title of the piece.

Let me get this right, an East Coast city is complaining that people living in so-called "flyover" states are being condescending to them?

Excuse us, we just had an irony overload, and now we're playing the world's smallest violin.

We're not going to apologize for laughing heartily when the East Coast gives every storm/snowfall/slight wind a name you'd normally find in an X-Men comic.

It's the least we can do for the wall-to-wall TV, social media and website coverage we can't escape because everything that happens out east must surely be relevant to everyone.

Also, take a look at this part of the article:

“I think it must be a wind tunnel,” offers Mike Koschak, who has pondered this question on his own commute to work in Washington. “Look, if you are in one of those Midwestern states where everyone boasts that they’re used to the weather — you are driving everywhere. Here, you are walking, or you’re biking, or worst, you’re just standing. You’re waiting for the bus, and you’re standing.”

Sure, we drive more, but we also don't have a warm, underground subway system to get around town like those in D.C. and New York.

I'd also like to throw the floor open to the significant numbers of Minnesotans who still walk, bike (Minneapolis is No. 6 bike city in the U.S., btw), take the bus and light rail despite temperatures dozens of degrees lower than the East Coast currently experiences.

We also take issue with the comments the WaPo got from Jim Cantore, who when asked what "cold" truly is, said: "I’m going to say 22 degrees. At 22 degrees, whether you’re Canadian or Floridian, averaging the whole thing out, I promise you, everyone is cold."

Now I'm not Minnesotan by descent (I'm from the far milder, barely freezing British Isles), but the slight uptick to 1 degree above earlier this week after several days of -20 felt like a heatwave.

Meanwhile, this is what Minnesota will look like on Sunday, when the mercury hits a balmy 27 degrees in the Twin Cities.

I'm going to quote my colleague Zach here, who said to me: "I honestly feel more sympathetic to southern cities that get hit by freak snowfalls than mid-Atlantic, east coast cities."

"In the south, it's genuinely something they don't have infrastructure in place to combat. East coast gets snow all the time and still acts like every storm is the end of days."

This tweet says it pretty well too...

For 364 days of the year, the Midwest (and the North) gets talked down to by you "coastal elites."

Just let us have this one. 

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