A Wisconsin brewery is expanding to Minnesota ... but it's not New Glarus

We want Spotted Cow on tap.

The headline "Wisconsin brewery expanding to Minnesota" will doubtless cause some beer lovers to sit up and say "Could it be?"

Sorry, but New Glarus isn't the brewery in question. It's not ending its Wisconsin-only business model and bringing Spotted Cow across the border.

No, the brewery in question is Milwaukee-based City Lights Brewing Co., which announced at the start of February that it's expanding its market to Minnesota and Illinois.

They will start off serving the St. Cloud and Duluth markets, with the company hosting a "tap invasion" event at the 7th West Taphouse in St. Cloud on Thursday evening.

The Business Journals reports it is partnering on its expansion with St. Cloud distributor Bernick's, and will expand into the Twin Cities next month.

Now we don't want to be unfair to City Lights, their beer is clearly popular enough to warrant an expansion into other states and hell yes we'll try some ... but damn Spotted Cow is good.

It's likely that Minnesotans will keep having to cross the border to get their New Glarus fix for the foreseeable future.

MinnPost spoke to owner Deb Carey in 2016, who said there's "no reason" to deal with the complexity of selling outside their own state.

"We're growing so fast and it’s still hard to keep up with demand here," she said.

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