There are now 2 kosher food stands at the Minnesota State Fair

It started last year with Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar.

People who keep kosher now have two options for eating at the Minnesota State Fair. 

Kosher certification debuted at the fair last year, with Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar stands being the first ever to get the certification. 

This year, kosher-observant fairgoers will have another popular food option: The two Fresh French Fries stands have been certified, according to MSP Kosher

What is kosher? 

Keeping kosher is part of the Jewish faith, with some people following the rules more strictly than others – or not at all.

And it's all about food. To be considered kosher, a food (the ingredients and the process of making it) must meet the rules of kashrut, which are outlined in the Torah, MSP Kosher says.

That's the short version. For all the details about the processes and foods that are kosher, click here and/or here

So how'd Fresh French Fries become kosher? 

It was actually pretty simple. 

Rabbi Avi Olitzky, who runs the MSP Kosher certification program, told GoMN fries are "whole" products and are "really quite clean and fresh." So it was just about making sure the fries weren't battered, were prepared onsite, and were fried in kosher oil. 

"All of those were already the case, which made the process much easier," Olitzky told GoMN. 

The Fresh French Fries stands are the only certified kosher fry vendor at the fair, MSP Kosher says.

More kosher options coming to the fair? 

Besides Sweet Martha's and the Fresh French Fries stands, there are a few other kosher options at the fair. But it's pretty much prepackaged stuff like Dippin' Dots, Olitzky told GoMN. 

But he's hoping more vendors will consider certifying their foods as kosher, noting he'd love to work with someone on making the fired cheese curds or fried pickles kosher certified. 

"I'd love to stay on the 'fair staples' track, so to speak," he told GoMN. 

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