There'll be music on ice at the Winter Carnival this year

A nightly music lineup on a stage of ice is part of the 2017 St. Paul Winter Carnival

This may be the winter when we find out if King Boreas has any dance moves.

St. Paul's Winter Carnival gets underway on January 26 and besides the favorite standbys like ice sculptures and the torchlight parade, they'll have a new emphasis on music this time around.

An ice stage in Rice Park will be used every night of the carnival by musicians ranging from Trailer Trash to a mariachi band to Koo Koo Kanga Roo.

"Koo Koo who," did you say?

They're a "Beastie Boys meet Sesame Street" duo who mix in comedy and dance, organizers say.

St. Paul is also hosting a new winter edition of the Twin Cities Jazz Fest. That's based in the St. Paul Hotel but some of it will head outdoors to neighboring Rice Park, where the stage will be ground zero for Winter Carnival events.

Carnival organizers have a list of some of the musical highlights here.

There will also be a miniature ice palace in Rice Park.

Plans are in the works for a big ice palace next winter when the Twin Cities will be hosting the Super Bowl. "We're making great progress," the CEO of the St. Paul Festival and Heritage Foundation tells the Pioneer Press.

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Snow sculpture contest canceled at the St. Paul Winter Carnival

The 126th St. Paul Winter Carnival will go on, but without the annual snow sculpture contest. Due to the lack of snow this winter, organizers made the decision to cancel it, but the carnival will still have ice carving. The St. Paul Winter Carnival is set to take place January 26 through February 5.