There's a 52-inch catfish living in the St. Croix River

The flathead catfish is a new MN catch-and-release record.

Mark Mosby says he and a friend headed to a certain stretch of the St. Croix River near Stillwater because they were going after big catfish. 

Boy did they find one. 

The Minnesota DNR says the 52.5 inch flathead Mosby landed on the night of August 2 breaks the state's catch-and-release record. The fish was measured at 32 inches around before it was set free. 

“The flathead put up a great 15 minute fight right up until he got to the boat," Mosby told the DNR. 

2nd record-breaking flathead this year

If news of a record-breaking flathead catfish sounds familiar, that might be because one was caught just a few months ago. 

On May 15 Jake Robinson caught a 49 inch flathead on the Minnesota River near Savage, tying his own state record. 

But now instead of appearing twice, Jake has been pushed off the web page showing Minnesota's fishing records. 

The records for catch-and-release fish are based on length and girth because they're not weighed. But based on its dimensions, the DNR estimates the fish Mosby caught is in the 70 to 80 pound range. They say the biggest flathead caught and kept in the state weighed 70 pounds. 

Here's the full-length shot of the new record fish:

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