There's a giant snake on the loose in Minnesota

Owners of the beloved snake are hoping for its safe return.

A beloved boa constrictor snuck out earlier this week, and now its owners are hoping someone has spotted it.

The snake, who is called Rocky, was still missing Wednesday morning, but Mille Lacs County Animal Control wrote on Facebook that the cooler temperatures we've been having could mean the snake "may not be doing well or could possibly be deceased." 

Boa constrictors are typically found in Central and South America, where temperatures don't get nearly as cold as the upper 30s central Minnesota experienced early Wednesday.

This means the 5-foot snake is probably trying to find some place warm, according to people who've commented on the Facebook post.

If anyone has seen Rocky – dead or alive – they're asked to call or text 612-805-3685 because his owner would like closure either way, animal control's post said.

The agency shared this link, which has tips for finding a lost snake.

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