There's a new type of northern lights, and scientists call it Steve

Because what else would you call beautiful streaks of color in the sky?

What would you name a newly discovered type of northern lights? 

Well, scientists thought Steve was a good fit. So in addition to your regular aurora borealis, you can now go searching for Steve. 

According to and, it's kind of like a normal aurora but contained to a streak or arch. 

And apparently scientists don't really know what it is so they're just calling it Steve. 

Yes, just like in the DreamWorks movie, Over the Hedge

Scientists are studying it says Steve isn't actually new. People previously just referred to the phenomenon as "proton arcs."

Now that it (kind of) has a name, scientists will be looking to find exactly what it's all about. 

Then it might get an official name. Although it probably couldn't beat Steve. says NASA scientists have recently turned Steve into an acronym: Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement. Now it's not quite so random.

You can see photos of Steve here.

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