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There's a beer named after the 'tiny mouse door' hater

"This one is so bitter, it'll steal your joy and turn you towards evil. Much like Minneapolis' own Joyless Villain," Dangerous Man says.

Dangerous Man Brewing Company has created a beer inspired by a real life Minneapolis villain.

Joyless Villain is a super alcoholic IIIPA. That's a Triple India Pale Ale, meaning it's really bitter – just like that notorious fun-crusher who's been destroying Minneapolis street art. It's also a whopping 11.3 percent and 113 IBUs, the brewery says.

If you don't know about the real Joyless Villain, here's a quick summary: Minneapolis artist Mows has been decorating the city with tiny mouse doors that bring smiles to finders' faces and joy to families who go on treasure hunts to find them. Joyless Villain is the guy who goes around and rips them off.

He's had some beef with Dangerous Man after stealing a mows door on their property. So this new beer created in his (dis)honor seems to be some sort of clap back to that letter Joyless Villain wrote to City Pages about the brewery and his haters.

The $8 brew will be poured for the first time at Dangerous Man on Thursday, when a release party kicks off at 4 p.m.

At the party, you'll also be able to get a limited-edition Joyless Villain screen-print tee from Shameless Inc. Bring your own shirt or buy one at the brewery.

"Come celebrate local art, the vibrancy of the NE and greater Minneapolis community, and great beer," the Facebook event says.

What does Mows think of this idea?

Is this beer funny because Dangerous Man is mocking how bitter the Joyless Villain is, or is this just giving him unwarranted attention?

We reached out to Mows (who happens to be a pretty big beer lover) to see how he feels about it. Here's what he said:

"I think the drama over the Mows doors and the guy taking them down is silly. I think Dangerous Man is just pointing that out. I look forward to trying the beer. I'd be happy to sit down and share one with this guy too. I'm sure we have more in common than he realizes."

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