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These are the most popular hashtags on Instagram Stories

We were a little surprised #food isn't in the top 10.

It's been a year since Instagram encroached on Snapchat's territory and added a Stories feature

The Verge at the time said getting people to use the app for longer periods of time was one of the big reasons for adding the feature.

And according to Instagram, it's worked.

In a one-year update, Instagram said people under the age of 25 are now spending an average of 32 minutes a day using the app. (People over 25 are at about 24 minutes a day.)

The most popular face filters and hashtags

On the more fun side, Instagram also revealed some of the most popular things used in stories.

For example, the most popular face filter (a feature only added back in May)? It's the puppy ears, apparently.

The sleep mask, bunny ears, "Love" with heart-shaped dots and koala ears rounded out the top five. 

And how about the most-used hashtags? please!

That's right, #goodmorning was No. 1. Here's the full top 10:

  1. #goodmorning
  2. #work
  3. #goodnight
  4. #mood
  5. #happybirthday
  6. #tbt
  7. #love
  8. #home
  9. #bomdia (which Instagram says means "hello" or "good day" in Portugese"
  10. #relax

Two more fun facts: Jakarta, Indonesia was the most-tagged location, and the "vibrant location" was the most popular sticker.

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