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They're going to sell it after all: 'Mary Tyler Moore' house gets an offer

Looks like they sold it after all.

Somebody finally bought Mary Richards' old place on Kenwood Parkway in Minneapolis.

Yes, it's the house that appears in the opening credits of the classic sitcom Mary Tyler Moore, and it appears to have found a buyer – almost five years after it first hit the market.

The original asking price was nearly $3 million, but the current listing shows it's dropped significantly to about $1.7 million. There's no word on what the house is actually selling for, though. And the deal hasn't actually closed yet – the sale is still listed as "pending."

While the steep price dissuaded most suitors, Mary Tyler Moore's death this year apparently also made the selling process even more difficult.

"Mary's death has people in the city scrambling for memories," TMZ reported in January. "The realtors want to hold an open house this weekend, but they don't want lookie-loos... they want serious buyers."

The site said the sellers ended up having to "discreetly tell realtors to bring clients and then quietly invite them" to avoid a "fan frenzy."

About seven months later, the right clients seem to have been found. So are they Mary Tyler Moore fans? Do they even know what they're getting into?

Chad Larsen of the Berg Larsen Group (the realtors behind the sale) tells GoMN the buyers were "certainly aware" of the home's history, but he doesn't believe "that was a motivating factor" in their offer. 

Which is probably a good thing, considering the interiors of the home look completely different from what fans saw on the show. The actual house was used in "establishing shots" on the TV series, but the inside of Mary's home existed solely on Hollywood sets.

The Star Tribune says the sale will close in mid-September. 

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