This Duluth raccoon got himself into a grate predicament

How does that even happen?

Take as long as you need to examine that photo. According to a Duluth Police Department K-9 officer, it's not even photoshopped.

It appears that this poor raccoon, for unknown reasons, wanted to get down into the city's sewer. But he really underestimated the size of his rear and ended up in this humiliating situation. 

According to police, an officer got a call about this critter earlier this week and came to the rescue. Luckily, officers were able to set the raccoon free. 

Good thing because hanging out like that all day must have been draining. We can only hope he'll keep his head out of the gutter. 

But how did that even happen?

Raccoons are notorious for getting into things they shouldn't be getting into. 

They are also quite talented when it comes to fitting into small spaces. 

Experts say that as long as they can fit their head through a space, they usually can fit the rest of their bodies (this guy must have been a little bottom-heavy). So adult raccoons can fit into spaces that are just a couple inches wide

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