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This epic Christmas display won't light up this year due to neighbor feud

The family says a neighbor has been bullying them since June over the Christmas display.

A Minnesota family's popular holiday display won't be turning on the lights this year, because one neighbor didn't like it.

The Zajac family's Christmas display at the end of a cul-de-sac in Waconia has been drawing thousands of visitors each year for about a decade, according to the family's website. The epic display features thousands of decorations, fog machines, and up to 200,000 LED lights synchronized to music.

And every year, the lights and music are a little bit different. Here's what it looked like in 2011:

But not this year

recent update from Bob Zajac says there will be no show in 2016 – because a neighbor complained and bullied the family.

"One of our neighbors has always hated our display, and this year starting in June went out of his way to bully my wife, scare my children, and had a failed attempt at turning our other neighbors against us," Zajac said.

Zajac didn't mention what the neighbor did specifically, but said that fighting for the display would go against what he was brought up to believe.

"We COULD have fought, and won (we had our case reviewed by the city as well as legal team) – but we chose NOT to fight, tarnishing the joy the display brings," he wrote, adding that everyone has a legally protected freedom to profess their faith and opinions.

WCCO reported that some of the neighbor's complaints included constant traffic in the cul-de-sac, some trash, lights being left up year-round and noise from visitors.

The family never outed the neighbor, but they won't have to worry about that person much longer – they're moving to a new location where the display can make a comeback.

"We are planning on moving in 2017 and hopefully bring the display back next year at our new location. Blessings to all!" the family's website says.

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