This guy jumped out of an airplane without a parachute – and made history

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If you think jumping out of an airplane sounds like an adrenaline rush, how about doing it without a parachute?

On Saturday, Luke Aikins made history as the first person to skydive without a parachute.

Aikin's "Heaven Sent" jump took place at the Big Sky movie ranch in the California desert and was broadcast live on Fox.

His goal? Jump out of a plane at 25,000 feet with just the clothes on his back and land safely in a net.

According to the Heaven Sent Tumblr page, Aikins is a third generation skydiver. He has made over 18,000 jumps – but never one quite like this.

The big leap

Viewers watched as Aikins jumped with a crew of three other skydivers (who were wearing parachutes).

Beeping noises in his helmet alerted him when he reached certain altitudes. At 18,000 feet, he took off his oxygen mask. At 12,000 feet, he knew he was about half way to the ground.

As Aikins approached 3,000 feet, his diving team released their chutes, and he was all alone. In total, he was free falling for about two minutes.

At the last second, he flipped over on to his back and landed in the 100-by-100 foot net.

And the crowd went wild.

The 42-year-old climbed out of the net and hugged his wife and son.

Aikins wrote on his Facebook page, "We did and cannot thank everyone enough for the support. My vision was always proper preparation and that if you train right you can make anything happen. Thank you!!!!"

Check out the video of this amazing stunt:

And if you want to skydive without a parachute, minus all of the danger, there's a game based off of Aikin's death-defying stunt.

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