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This is how many hours a year you're watching Netflix instead of being productive

Yes, Netflix. I'm always still watching.

People are spending more time binge-watching Netflix than they did a few years ago.

Netflix's 74.76 million users watched 42.5 billion hours of streaming TV and movies in 2015. That comes out to about to 568.49 hours per user – or nearly 24 straight days of binge-watching, according to

And that's a lot more than Netflix users watched in 2011. The publication says the average subscriber streamed 258.24 hours more in 2015 than they did four years before.

CordCutting put together this chart to show how people are spending a lot more time streaming videos.

Data for 2016 hasn't been released yet, but CordCutting estimates Netflix users will stream 600 hours this year.

More about how we watch too much Netflix

A survey released last spring found people watch more than 26 hours of TV every week – and half the time they are doing so through subscription streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

The same survey, done by CSG International, found 50 percent of millennials' TV time is spent watching streaming video rather than traditional TV. And because of that, they don't see as much value in paying for cable.

A Piper Jaffray survey released last month found teens are spending more time watching Netflix and YouTube than traditional TV – 66 percent compared to 26 percent, respectively.

And for binge watchers who are sick of Netflix asking if you're still watching (because the answer is always yes), there's an apparent hack for Google Chrome browsers to get the video streaming service to stop judging you.

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