This Minneapolis brewery is expanding – and will soon offer table service

A bigger brewery means more beer for you.

A Northeast Minneapolis brewery is growing so you can have more beer. 

Bauhaus Brew Labs, which opened in July 2014, has plans to nearly triple the amount of beer it can currently make, as well as make changes to its popular taproom. 

The brewery said Friday it recently opened a warehouse in Fridley, which will serve as Bauhaus' main place for shipping, receiving and distributing.

This is creating a bunch more space in the brewery to, well, make beer. 

Bauhaus plans to add three more fermenters early next year, which will increase the brewery's production capacity from about 13,000 barrels to 20,000 barrels. (Bauhaus is on pace to produce a little more than 10,000 barrels this year.) 

And "eventually," Bauhaus says, it'll add "several" more tanks, which will bring its production capacity to around 30,000 barrels per year – triple the amount of beer it'll produce this year. 

Changes coming to the taproom

With this expansion, there will also be changes to Bauhaus' exposed-brick taproom

The brewery says it wasn't able to "fully realize our vision" for the taproom when when they initially built it, so they're excited to have a second chance to make it how they want it. 

The changes you'll notice include new finishes and lighting for the bar, a new tap configuration, and different menu signage. Bauhaus also says it'll begin table service (something you don't often see at breweries in Minnesota) so people don't have to wait in line for a beer. 

Bauhaus says these changes to the taproom will be done "just in time" for the Super Bowl in February. 

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