This thing scans your face then picks music based on what mood it thinks you're in

It's kind of fun, but also kind of judgy.

We want to be upfront about this right away: Yes we know this is kind of silly. But we still ended up talking about it for 20 minutes in the office, so there's definitely something fun about it.

There's a website and app called peekabeat that scans your face and picks music that fits whatever emotion you're displaying. It works by grabbing a Spotify playlist.

It's really simple. It's also, as mentioned above, quite silly. Here's the developer's promo video.

One nice touch – the colors in the background change depending on the mood. So "anger" gets a pulsating red, for example.

It's kind of judgy

To be honest, we all felt sort of judged by it.

My resting face got labeled "contempt" (so it threw Audioslave's "Like a Stone" my way). 

I had to actively smile for it to show up as "happiness."

Three of my coworkers got "sadness" with Alice in Chains, Tyler Ward and The Bangles tracks suggested. 

We kind of expected a judgmental "RBF" to pop up at some point.

Also, we wanted a list of all the possible emotions. Fear and disgust are in there somewhere based on App Store screengrabs, but is it limited to just five? (Happiness, sadness, contempt, anger, fear.)

A little more about the app

Peekabeat isn't brand new – it was released in early May on the App Store (no Android version yet).

It uses Microsoft Azure's Cognitive Services to do the facial reading, and according to the privacy policy, does not store the image of your face on a database anywhere.

It was built by Aquest with help from Monogrid, both of which are based in Italy.

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