This time around, the 12th man in the huddle will be U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium could be the difference this weekend.

"We need the fans to be loud and rowdy, and make this the loudest stadium that the Vikings have ever played in," said Mike Zimmer earlier this week.

But forget "loud and rowdy" – if you're going to the game on Sunday, you should unleash hell.

For all its expense, the stadium was designed to create a cacophony, and by Odin does it do that.

All season long the home field advantage has been the ace up the Vikings' sleeve, with fans deafening opponents as they set up at the line of scrimmage.

So fearful were they of the Vikings army, the L.A. Rams pumped crowd noise into practices ahead of their November visit to Minnesota to try to simulate the atmosphere.

The 24-7 beating they were dealt show it failed.

But however loud fans have been so far this season, they need to be as inhospitable as a Minnesota winter come Sunday.

Every audible Drew Brees tries to call should be inaudible.

Every play call sent to Brees' helmet radio should be as incomprehensible as any musical act that has ever played at the stadium.

Every time Everson Griffen bears down on Brees, he should have a roar at his back that will make the QB's knees quake.

Every catch the Saints receivers attempt should be accompanied by such a din it causes their hands to tremble.

The Vikings already have a formidable defense, kickass receivers, a demanding RB duo and a rejuvenated QB – but the 60,000 fanatics in the stadium could be the real difference maker.

Forget about eight years ago, forget about Bounty-gate. This time you're in our town, and the Vikings have the full fury of the gjallarhorn, of Skol, of damn Odin himself on their side.

Brees, Kamara, Payton et al, you don't know what you're in for.

(Now that my optimistic rant is over, repeat after me – the Vikings will not win the Super Bowl.)

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