This year's Fair has set 3 daily attendance records

Will the overall record fall, too?

The 2017 edition of the Minnesota State Fair has now set three daily attendance records, with the announcement that the crowd of more than 242,000 on the second Sunday was another gate-buster.

Just a couple days earlier Minnesotans and their guests had broken the second Friday record with 187,000 visitors. Attendance on the first Monday set a record this year, too. 

This means 2017 has a good chance of setting a new standard for the whole 12-day run of the Fair. 

We added up the daily attendance figures the State Fair has posted here and calculated the Labor Day crowd would need to be 117,698 to make this the busiest Minnesota Get-Together of all time. 

And doing that seems pretty likely, since attendance topped that figure on all of the Fair's first 11 days. 

Monday's weather was pretty nice for a big part of the day but a late afternoon rain shower that blew in quickly had fairgoers running for the exits.

The Fair plans to release the final attendance figure on Tuesday. If the grand total is big enough, it would break a record that's been in place since .... last year. 

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