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Time for the wedding pics – grab your puppies, everyone

When the bride and photographer both have ties to Secondhand Hounds, suddenly the whole wedding party does, too

When it came time for the photos, this wedding party went to the dogs.

The puppies, really, since they're only 5 weeks old.

When Kathryn Dombrowski married Brad Ziemer in Maple Grove over the weekend, the rest of wedding party probably expected a traditional photo session with some of them likely holding flowers.

Not this time.

Kathryn has been a volunteer at Secondhand Hounds and her wedding photographer, Alycia Petrie of Alycia Faye Photography, is a staff member at the Eden Prairie animal rescue, which takes dogs from high kill shelters around the Midwest.

Alycia brought 13 pit bull puppies to the pre-wedding photo session. Their mother was pregnant when she arrived at Secondhand Hounds, Huffington Post explains, and while the puppies aren't ready for adoption yet, they took a field trip to be part of Kathryn and Brad's special day.

"Who doesn't love puppies?" Kathryn

asked FOX 9


Well, let's see ... there's ... uh ....... OK, good point, Kathryn.

But beyond puppy love, this bride has fallen hard for the work done by Secondhand Hounds, which also takes in dogs and cats from owners who can no longer care for them. They go to foster homes until new owners can be arranged.

"I wanted puppies specifically from Secondhand Hounds," Kathryn told FOX. "Having puppies at the wedding was so special to me and Brad, but it was more about Secondhand Hounds! This animal rescue is incredible!”

Huffington Post says now that she's married Kathryn will be living in Arizona, so she'll be looking for a rescue group she can volunteer with there.

By the way, the 13 pups, Huff Post says, are all named after various Pokemon on behalf of their mother, Pikachu.

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