Trailers for these movies could drop during the Super Bowl

Ad spots are stupidly expensive, but studios get access to a huge captive audience.

If you're staying at home to watch the Super Bowl, the commercial breaks are sometimes more fun than what's on the field.

This year is expected to be no different, even though Bleacher Report says prominent 30-second spots could set companies back $5 million.

And among the most anticipated spots during the commercial breaks are trailers for upcoming summer blockbusters.

Last year Netflix stole the show with an unexpected preview of the upcoming second season of Stranger Things.

As for Sunday, we've scoured the industry sheets to find some of the movies that experts predict we could get a first look at on Sunday.

Solo: A Star Wars Story 

This movie has been so shrouded in secrecy that just three (and a bit) months from its general release there has been barely anything released other than a cast photo at the start of production.

After a change in director and reshoots, the Han Solo origin story has been beset by problems, as Inverse explains.

But it sounds like it's getting there, and the Independent reports the first look at the movie is being promised during Good Morning America on Monday.

Still, it seems odd that Disney would choose to share it then and not during the Super Bowl – so there's still a chance.

God Particle

Expect God Particle to be this year's Stranger Things, with Netflix choosing the Super Bowl to drop its hotly anticipated production.

The movie starring Elizabeth Debicki and Daniel Bruhl is a sequel to 2008 found footage flick Cloverfield.

The Incredibles 2

Disney-Pixar released the first teaser trailer for this long-awaited sequel back in November, but with its release coming in the summer don't be surprised to see a new version arrive on Sunday.

It's also possible that Disney decides to hold it back for now, opting instead to showcase its upcoming, Oprah Winfrey-starring A Wrinkle in Time ahead of its March release.

The one released in November was awesome, by the way.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

The Patriots are in the Super Bowl and Tom Cruise is still cranking out Mission: Impossible movies.

To be fair to him, the last few have been pretty damn good.Deadline reports Paramount Studios has taken out two 30 second ad slots, one of them for M:I.


The Rock is in Minneapolis briefly on Sunday as he appears on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon from the Orpheum Theatre.

But if you're not one of those lucky enough to get tickets, you can see Dwayne Johnson in the first trailer for his action role (obviously) in which he plays an FBI agent who has to save his family (obviously) from a fire in the world's largest (obviously) skyscraper.

He released a little teaser on his Instagram earlier this week.

Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom

Another movie we've already had a trailer for (it was released in December), but WhatCulture says Universal is planning to release an extended, 90-second trailer a Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard reprise their roles.

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