Trending: Elderly couple plays piano duet in Mayo Clinic lobby

The 9-year-old viral video hit reddit's front page on Thursday.
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More than nine years after Fran and Marlow Cowan were filmed playing a piano duet in the atrium of Rochester's Mayo Clinic – launching them into viral stardom – their performance continues to resonate with people. 

On Thursday, they leapt to the front page of reddit, a feat that's been described as "one of the Holy Grails of Internet achievements."

Watch as the couple, then 90, plays a rendition of the old ragtime tune "Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet":

It's not clear why their spirited performance – where the players, at one point, engage in some classic showmanship by switching places in front of the piano – is trending all of a sudden.

Not that we're complaining. There's an undeniably appealing message hidden beneath this video, because Mr. and Mrs. Cowan clearly had something that most couples can only dream of when they embark on a life together. 

Sadly, Marlow passed away at the age of 97 last year, KARE 11 reported.

Their video has racked up more than 11 million views on YouTube. 

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