Twin Cities could get a lot of snow next week (or very little)

It all depends on how a weather system shakes out.
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There's a chance the Twin Cities could be in for a sizable snowfall in the days leading up to Christmas – though it's too early to say for sure.

The National Weather Service is confident that a weather system from the Rockies will come to Minnesota Wednesday-to-Friday next week.

But what that will mean for the metro area is up in the air (if you forgive the pun). It could either mean a lot of accumulating snow, or very little.

The NWS is hedging its bets for now, posting a series of possible snowfall scenarios for next week that range from 8-plus inches, to nothing at all.

"It's way too early to start getting overly excited (or worried) about a significant event for our area," the NWS says in its forecast discussion, "but it certainly bears a close watching, especially for those who have travel plans."

Snow is scarce so far this month

The first half of December has seen snowfall way below average in the Twin Cities.

As of Dec. 11, the metro area had gotten 4 inches of snow accumulation, compared to the 14.4-inch average.

By the way, expect a light dusting of snow during this Friday evening commute, which could make things interesting on the roads – particularly in the north metro.

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