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Twin Cities Film Fest favorite debuts on demand


The popular Twin Cities Film Fest entry "Screwed" recently made its debut on video on demand (VOD) and iTunes, and a DVD release is on the way shortly.

"Screwed" is co-produced by and stars Cottage Grove native Kurt David Anderson, as well as Apple Valley native Brianna Brown ("Devious Maids"). Anderson, a St. Olaf College graduate, says he was impressed with the TCFF all-around.

"The film played really well at the festival and we had a sold-out show, which was really awesome," Anderson said in a recent phone interview. "I give a lot of credit to the festival. They took good care of us and everybody else that we talked to. It's nice to know that there are people out there that can run a festival. They're not always the most organized things."

Anderson plays Will, a romantically-challenged comic book geek who is about to propose to his girlfriend, Jen (Brown), until he shockingly finds out that she’s cheating on him because he can’t satisfy her intimate needs.

But when a fantastical event makes him irresistible to all women for 30 days, Will thinks he’s on the path to winning Jen back -- only to discover his new gift of virility is much more complicated than it seems. Julie McNiven ("Mad Men," "Supernatural") also stars as a woman Will falls for while he tries to sort out his mess.

While "Screwed" -- directed by Anderson's production partner, John Wynn -- stacks up to any commercial Hollywood romantic comedy in terms of looks and quality, Anderson admits the film was remarkably produced for only $1,400.

"The unique thing about this whole process is that we had money just about to drop to produce the film, about $6- to $8 million, and we had the project out to Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Mila Kunis. We had some really great names interested," Anderson explained. "But in the end, the money fell through, and John and I looked at each other -- maybe egotistically and naively at the same time -- and said, 'You know what? Let's just go shoot the film ourselves.'"

Anderson said his and Wynn's production company, Punching Bees, shot "Screwed" as a test film, effectively, to entice their original investors; but the reaction they got was totally unexpected.

"When we went back to the investors, it was never with idea that we were ever going to release the movie as is," Anderson recalled. "We said, 'Here you go, this is what the film could be,' and they actually thought we spent half- to three-quarters of a million dollars on it. They said, 'Why spend more money on this? Just go release it.' That's when we started to approach distributors and they were excited as well. They said, 'This a great film and what we want to get out there.'"

Anderson says the DVD for "Screwed" is out Dec. 10 on, and he expects the film to debut on Netflix in January. A sell-through release at major department stores is expected in February or March, he says.

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