Uff da! Fargo stars discuss their favorite Minnesota sayings


One thing is apparent about the stars of the second season of the critically-acclaimed hit show "Fargo" – they really, really like "uff da."

Several cast members spoke to The Hollywood Reporter this past week, with the entertainment site asking each of them asking what their favorite "Minnesota-ism" is.

And the main thing to take away from their answers is, even though their character may not get to say it, many actors really wish they got to say "uff da."

"I like 'uff da,'" Kirsten Dunst, who plays Peggy Blumquist, said. "I don't get to say it – other people do – but that's one of my favorite phrases."

"I begged for one of those," said Jean Smart, who plays Floyd Gerhardt. "I did not get one. I said, 'I don't get to say a 'you betcha' or 'oh jeez' or an 'uff da'?' I'll trade you one 'uff da.' My character's a little too serious for that."

Cristin Milioti, who plays Betsy Solverson, said her particular favorite was "Oh yah!" – and says it has stayed in her repertoire even after filming.

"I'm still, like, shoulders-deep in that accent. It comes out at home all the time."

It's not the first time Kirsten Dunst has played it Minnesotan, having starred in the 1999 black comedy "Drop Dead Gorgeous."

She said that this didn't help her with her accent this time though, telling The Hollywood Reporter her dialect coach said she was "too campy" and "hitting it too hard."

The latest series of Fargo, set in 1970s Minnesota and South Dakota, has been met with rave reviews since it debuted on screens on Monday.

With locations including Luverne and Bemidji, its a follow-up to the hugely successful first season, which won the Emmy and Golden Globe awards for best mini series, while picking up a number of other awards and nominations.

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