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More unreleased Prince songs are coming with a Purple Rain reissue

This unreleased music will presumably not get blocked by the courts.

Purple Rain is returning, but bigger than before.

A reissue of Prince's classic album is coming this June, with six unreleased tracks and an assortment of other recordings.

Rolling Stone says the reissue will be available in two forms: Purple Rain Deluxe, and Purple Rain Deluxe–Expanded Edition. Both will include a remaster of the original nine-track Purple Rain album, plus a second disc called From The Vault & Previously Unreleased.

That new disc's six unshared songs: A 1983 recording of "Possessed," "Electric Intercourse," a full version of "Father's Song," a 10-minute track called "We Can F--k," and a finished master of "Katrina's Paper Dolls," Rolling Stone says.

Those two discs are the Deluxe edition, and you can preorder it through this site. (You even get "Electric Intercourse" right now if you preorder."

The expanded version adds even more: A third disc that has B-sides and demos, plus a DVD of a 1985 Prince performance in Syracuse, USA Today says.

The whole thing comes out June 23. And since this seems to be going through the proper channels, probably won't be blocked from release like that six-track EP of unreleased Prince songs called Deliverance.

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