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Unsatisfied? Maybe 'Mats will bring their talent show home - or not


What a mess, on this ladder of success: The Replacements' reunion show in Toronto Sunday, by pretty much all accounts, was so good that everyone wants to know if they'll be like Bob and bring it all back home.

In the words of another pretty decent songwriter from Minneapolis, let's hang tough, children, before we go crazy.

The only scheduled dates for this reunion of Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson, the only Replacements not to be replaced, are in Chicago and Denver as part of the continuing RiotFest. Could Minneapolis be in the mix?

Westerberg, who once published songs under the name "Nah Music," seems open to the idea - or, you know, not against it - if this widely circulated backstage fan clip is any indication:

Others have not quite interpreted this, so we won't do that for you. But bets are there will be a Replacements show somewhere in Minnesota before the year is up. Or not.

Anyway, the important news is that what has been bandied about as both the most important rock 'n' roll reunion of the year and a reunion in name only is still a pretty good show.

Sunday's show is widely available for download and or streaming here (and apparently legally), and it's smokin'. For rock 'n' roll purists, the first 'Mats cover in 22 years was "Maybellene."

Set list and review and by the Strib's Chris Remienschneider here and here.

Some 9,000 words devoted to the show by Spin magazine here.

A decent accounting of the gig by Rolling Stone is here.

A great take from the Current's Andrea Swensson, who rightly notes Westerberg's Westerbergian introduction: “For 25 years we’ve been having a wardrobe debate. It was unresolved.”

We'll give you just one video, but there are three more here. Here's the seminal "Alex Chilton," about the seminal Alex Chilton.

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