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Update: It looks like Paisley Park tours will get to happen for 3 days

The Chanhassen City Council voted to table making a decision on rezoning that would allow Prince’s studio to become a museum.

OK, let's try again.

After the Chanhassen City Council's Monday night decision that essentially halted progress on the Paisley Park museum, the city has since come around and granted a temporary events license that will allow the complex to open for tours for three days.

According to a press release from Paisley Park, which was also shared by the city, the museum will be open for tours on Thursday Oct. 6 (the original opening date), Oct. 10, and Oct. 14. Anyone who has purchased tickets for a tour between Oct. 6 and Oct. 15, Paisley Park will try to accommodate. Refunds will also be available, but details on that aren't out yet.

We are working to confirm this with city officials as well.

Meanwhile, Paisley Park says it will continue working with the Chanhassen City Council on a permanent solution.

Paisley Park also says it's working to get a Prince memorabilia exhibition up and running at the Mall of America ASAP. People with tour tickets would be able to visit that exhibition.

When a permanent decision might be reconsidered

The City of Chanhassen, in a news release Tuesday afternoon, said the rezoning application and any changes to the plan will be reconsidered by council members on or before Dec. 20.

The council members voted 3-2 Monday night to table a decision on the rezoning request, saying there were concerns about safety and traffic, improvements needed at the complex, and more.

Paisley Park tours are being managed by PRN Music Corporation, which the city pointed a finger at for unhappy ticket-buyers, saying the group "understood the risks of selling tickets prior to City Council approval."

The original story about the City Council's decision can be found here.

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