Valleyfair's new ride will send you racing around a 70-foot loop

It's called Delirious, and it'll open in 2018.

Valleyfair is getting a loopy new ride for next year. 

The ride is called Delirious. It's a "70-foot looping thrill ride" that sends riders shooting around – and upside down – a giant, seven-story loop. 

Valleyfair says when riders get on the train, it'll begin to rock back and forth. As the train gains momentum, it'll race around the inside of the track, eventually slowing to hold you upside down. Then it changes direction. 

Delirious can complete 10 revolutions in less than 1 minute. 

Valleyfair says the ride's purple color, lighting and music "will create an immersive atmosphere in keeping with Route 76's classic amusement park theme." 

Delirious will be built in the Route 76 area of Valleyfair (the ride Steel Venom is over there), which opened in 2014 "as a way to bring guests back to the classic ambience of Valleyfair when it first opened in 1976."

That's also near where the Enterprise was – a giant, 230-foot swing set now sits in the classic ride's place.

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