Video: 3 porters and a stout from Minnesota to try this fall

We tasted – and rated – them so you know what to try.

The weather is starting to get chilly, so what better way to warm you up than a dark, creamy brew. 

Producers Melissa Turtinen, Josette Elieff and Zach McCormick tried three porters and a stout from Minnesota craft breweries, and rated them based on our 1-5 rating scale to help you decide which ones you might want to drink.

Here are videos with our reviews, plus more details about each beer.

Three Hour Tour Coconut Milk Stout – Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery

This coconuty and chocolatey stout is one of Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery's most sought after seasonal beers – and for good reason. 
Alcohol: 6.3 percent.
1-5 rating: Melissa and Zach gave it a 4, Josette a 5.
Josette's take: "I would drink this every day. I love this."

Barrel-aged Imperial Pumpkin Porter – Lift Bridge Brewing 

This beer is aged for several months on bourbon barrels – and you can smell and taste it in this delicious, boozy, semi-pumpkiny brew. 
Alcohol: 11.5 percent.
1-5 rating: Melissa and Josette gave it a 4, Zach a 5. 
Josette's take: "It has a really smokey flavor. I love that – it's good."

Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter – Waconia Brewing

This creamy porter isn't too sweet – a perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter.
Alcohol: 6.4 percent.
1-5 rating: Melissa and Josette gave it a 4, Zach a 3.
Melissa's take: "If you like peanut butter and chocolate, it's really, really good." 

Wild Rice Porter – Inbound Brew Co. 

It has a rich malty flavor, with a nutty wild rice finish that's not too heavy on the tongue – it tastes like fall. 
Alcohol: 8.1 percent.
1-5 rating: Melissa, Josette and Zach all gave it a 4. 
Melissa's take: "I would be very happy to have this in my fridge so I could drink it when I wanted to." 

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