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Video: 39 years after being abducted, Ana Maria meets her mom for the first time

Ana Maria was torn from her family hours after being born. Now she's meeting her mom and brother for the first time.

This story is in continuation of a video series documenting the story of Marisa – aka Ana Maria – Bocanegra. The first four videos can be found below. You can read all about Ana Maria’s journey here.


That was the word Ana Maria used to describe the day she would finally meet her mom and brother.

It'd been more than two years since a private investigator found Ana Maria's family in Colombia, allowing her to Skype with them for the first time.

It'd been more than 39 years since Elsy Tueta last held her daughter, Ana Maria. She was just a newborn then. They hadn't even left the hospital yet.

But on Nov. 10, 2016 – after years of searching, praying and waiting – Elsy Tueta and her son Juan Pablo had plans to fly to Minneapolis to meet Ana Maria.

This wasn't the first time they made plans to visit Minnesota. They tried a couple times before, but the plans always fell through.

Not this time, though.

The plane landed in Minneapolis that evening. As Elsy Tueta and Juan Pablo walked into the airport, they spotted Ana Maria immediately, running toward each other for a tear-filled embrace.

People stopped and stared. But that didn't matter. For the first time in 39 years, they were reunited.

GoMN has a four-part video series documenting the story of Ana Maria. You can watch them below:

Part 1 – Growing up

Part 2 – Finding her mother

Part 3 – Learning the truth

Part 4 – The continuing struggle

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