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Video: 4 simple things that are annoyingly hard to do

Can you rub your belly and pat your head? We have some more tricks to try (and they're super frustrating).

As a kid, did you ever try to do that thing where you pat your head and rub your belly?

By now, you might have mastered it – but there are plenty of other body coordination challenges to try. We decided to go around the office and see how people do.

You can follow along with the video above to see if you're more coordinated than us.

Once you've got those down, you can try more stupid-hard tests here, here and here.

Why is it so hard?

It's something called bimanual interference – which basically means doing two different things at once is hard.

National Geographic did a video trying the thumbs up and point trick. The video explains that when you're trying to do two different and unfamiliar tasks at once, your brain shuts down activity to one of those tasks so that it can succeed at the other.

But you can be trained to do any of these. It just takes practice – like typing on a keyboard or playing an instrument (think piano or guitar). If you can do either of those, you've already overcome a bimanual interference of sorts.

Now these things that we tried are significantly less practical – but if you really want to be able to draw circles with you foot while drawing sixes with your hand, keep up the hard work and you'll get there.

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