Video: Can you chill a beer in 5 minutes? We did an experiment to find out

Warm beer? No problem. Here’s how you chill a drink ASAP.

Have you ever really wanted a cold drink, but you didn't plan ahead or you bought warm beer from the liquor store?

We've been there, so we decided to see if we could make a beer cold in 5 minutes using things you have around the house.

We took a few cans of Indeed Brewing's Shenanigans Summer Ale, which were at room temperature (72.7 degrees) and tested four different methods:

  • Putting a beer in the fridge.
  • Putting a beer in the freezer.
  • Putting a beer in the freezer with a wet paper towel wrapped around it.
  • Putting a beer in a container with ice, water and a whole bunch of salt.

After a little more than 5 minutes, we tested to see how cold they were compared to the room temperature beer. The beer that was in a container with the ice water and salt was the coldest – measuring 49.3 degrees. Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine recommends summer ales be enjoyed at 40-50 degrees. So that's within range.

We tried the beer, and it was definitely cold enough to drink. Just make sure to rinse off the can before you drink, otherwise it'll taste a little salty.

This method worked the best, because science. Popular Science wrote about the method, saying putting salt in a container with ice and water lowers the temperature water freezes at, so the water that's chilling the beer can be colder than 32 degrees.

The publication says if you're trying this, you can't use too much salt, but you can put in too much ice – just make sure the can is floating freely in the container you're cooling it in.

And if you really can't wait 5 minutes for your beer to get cold, Popular Science says you can stir the ice water, which will make it colder faster.

How'd the other methods do?

– A beer in the freezer with a wet paper towel around it was the next best method after the ice water/salt mixture, cooling the beer down to 53.2 degrees after about 5 minutes.

– A beer in the freezer helped a little bit. It measured 57.6 degrees after about 5 minutes.

– Putting the beer in the fridge for about 5 minutes made very little difference. It measured 69.1 degrees.

And these methods will work for anything that's in a can or a bottle, so quickly chilling a can of pop or a bottle of Prosecco won't be a problem this summer.

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