Video: Comic actor Patton Oswalt pays beautiful tribute to his late wife


It's been a phenomenally difficult year for Patton Oswalt, the comic actor whose wife tragically died in April.

Michelle McNamara, a true crime writer with a master's degree in creative writing from the University of Minnesota, passed away in her sleep, leaving behind Oswalt and their 7-year-old daughter Alice.

Earlier this month, Oswalt won an Emmy and on Monday night spoke with Conan O'Brien about how his win – while very nice – felt hollow without his wife.

"I'm very happy to have won an Emmy but it's very abstract because it's the flavor of happiness, but there's no calories or nutrition there.

"I'm not putting down winning an Emmy, but watching a bad movie with her, fussing over what we're going to pack for our daughter, if we were going on a trip, that was happiness, that's what it actually felt like for real," he continues.

"It just feels like for a long time I'm going to have the flavor of happiness."

He had the audience amused with his description of how the two got together.

"She was the one. People I had gone out with [before] justifiably pulled the ripcord on me like, "this guy is nuts" and she was like, "no, I can work with this, I think," so she stuck with me."

"Aside from my daughter I'll take any silver lining I can out of this swamp full of poison and it's that I know what real happiness feels like when I see it again because I had it with her."

You can watch the segment above and more from his interview on the Team Coco YouTube Channel.

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