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Video: Fairgoers take a Minnesota State Fair quiz

We tested some of the visitors to the Go Radio Go Zone.

There's a lot going on at the Minnesota State Fair. There's no way to keep track of absolutely everything – from music to beer to waste disposal to funding to tech systems to whatever else you can think of.

But it's fun to see how much people do know. Which is why we grabbed a few people from the Go Radio Go Zone for a Minnesota State Fair quiz. You can watch how they did in the video above. 

If you want to give it a try yourself beforehand, here are the questions (the answers are in the video).

There are 16 new, exclusive beers or adult drinks at the State Fair this year – which of the following is NOT REAL?

  • Root Beer Lager Ride
  • Adult Red Bull Slushie
  • Dill Pickle Beer
  • Lingonberry Lager

How much leftover grease is recycled and turned into biodiesel fuel during a typical fair?

  • 20,000 pounds
  • 50,000 pounds
  • 140,000 pounds
  • 200,000 pounds

 Which of the following acts is NOT playing the Grandstand in 2017?

  • Phantogram
  • Macklemore
  • Usher
  • Pentatonix

How many antennae were added to the fairgrounds this year to try to keep your cellphone from losing service?

  • 56
  • 75
  • 90
  • 125

How much money does the Minnesota State Fair get from taxpayer dollars?

  • $500,000 each year
  • Small percent of state sales tax revenue
  • $1.75 million each biennial budget
  • Nothing

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