Video: Garth Brooks and cancer patient Teresa Shaw meet again on ET


It was Garth Brooks' turn to be surprised.

While taping an interview on the set of the TV show Entertainment Tonight Tuesday morning, Brooks was shocked to see Teresa Shaw – the fan with cancer whom he serenaded at his Friday night concert in Minneapolis – join him on the program.

Shaw, who has breast cancer, caught the eye of Brooks at the concert when she held up a handmade sign that said, "Chemo this morning, Garth tonight. Enjoying the dance."

A video of those few minutes, when Brooks sang directly to Shaw and gave her his guitar, quickly went viral over the weekend and has been viewed more than three million times on YouTube.

Brooks was talking with ET host Nancy O'Dell Tuesday about that experience, when O'Dell caught him off guard by announcing that Shaw was there, too.

Brooks looked genuinely surprised to see Shaw when she came onto the set. He took off his cowboy hat, said, "How are you doin,' doll? You look gorgeous," and gave Shaw a big hug.

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Of their interaction at the concert, Brooks told Shaw, "it was a beautiful moment just between me and you."

"My fear would be [that] you'd ever think that I did it for any other reason than it was a nice moment. It was beautiful," Brooks said.

"No, No," Shaw responded. "You're just an amazing guy and human being ... The music has always helped me through situations, and I love your music."

Shaw, who is from Osage, Iowa, told KARE 11 she's undergoing chemotherapy since her breast cancer was discovered in June.

Brooks has lost his mother and a sister to cancer. He took Shaw's sign at the concert and told her Tuesday that he will keep it in his personal locker through the rest of his world tour "because of the strength it will bring."

A fund has been set up to help Shaw pay her mounting medical expenses. Donations can be sent to: Teresa Shaw Benefit Fund, First Citizens Bank, 501 Main St., Osage, IA 50461.

Here's the video from Friday night. Brooks' interaction with Shaw begins about 2 minutes into the video.

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