Video: How to make a DIY filter for your camera to film the solar eclipse

Solar filters are expensive – and most of them are sold out.
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Just like you should to protect your eyes when looking at a solar eclipse, your camera lens needs some protecting too. 

In order to film or take pictures of the solar eclipse on Monday, it's smart to have a solar filter to protect the sensor in your camera from getting fried, Popular Science says. Having a filter will also help correct the exposure of your shots. 

But those filters are expensive, especially if you're only going to use them for the eclipse. And most of them are sold out – we checked and couldn't find one anywhere. 

So, we did a little Googling to see if there's a DIY camera filter out there. We found this YouTube video, and decided to give it a shot. Watch our video above for how to make a filter for your camera.

Now keep in mind – we haven't tested this with the solar eclipse, so we're not promising it'll work. But check back in on Monday to see the time-lapse video we're planning to shoot with the camera and our DIY filter made with an old DVD. 

And remember, if you're planning on taking photos of the eclipse – don't look directly at it without proper eclipse glasses. (Don't have any? Here's a DIY way to make some.)

For more information on taking pictures or video of the eclipse, check out these tips from NASA, which include information on taking eclipse photos safely with your phone. 

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